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You put in the time and effort to accomplish your dream. We love boosting the confidence of future nurses like you with our review course.

Stressed about your test?

I know the feeling.
We get it – it feels like your life can’t start until you’ve passed the exam. Our team can relate to anxiety over the NCLEX. We have all worked way too hard to graduate nursing school only to fail the exam and crush our dreams for the future.

That’s why we decided to create a review course based on the study techniques and resources that helped all of us pass our exams – the first time.

We’ll be cheering you on as you pass your exam and move into your exciting career as a nurse.

Our Team of Educators

Through our SM Nursing Review and NP Review Courses, we have helped over 30,000 nurses take their respective exams with a 99% pass rate!

The faces behind this review course have all been where you were and are excited to help you pursue the patient care you’re passionate about. Let’s do this!

Meet Our Founder & President

After passing my NCLEX, I worked as a charge nurse and preceptor in a variety of healthcare settings, including pediatrics, oncology, and intensive care. To provide patient care at the next level, I prepared for and passed my AANP and ANCC boards to then become a family nurse practitioner.

But these days, I’m hard at work creating new content for my exam review courses and pursuing my passion for helping nursing students and current nurses pass their exams so they can work in their dream job too!


  • BSN, University of Kentucky
  • MSN (Nursing Education), Western Governors University
  • Post MSN-FNP certificate, Eastern Kentucky University


  • AANP, FNP-C certification
  • ANCC, FNP-BC certification

Take the first step towards becoming a nurse and providing the patient care you’re passionate about.

Step 1

Purchase the Crash Course

Our comprehensive review course cuts out the fluff. We equip you with all of the content you need to know for the NCLEX and help you identify the test categories you need to focus on most.

And, manage your pre-exam jitters with a video and tips to help combat test anxiety!

Step 2

Study and Build Confidence

Use our crash course at your own pace to get an in-depth and reliable guide for passing your NCLEX-RN in the minimum number of questions!

Step 3

Crush Your NCLEX
- the first time!

Congratulations! Your hard work and years of education paid off. You’re officially a registered nurse and can now accept the job of your dreams!


SM Nursing Reviews Crash Course

Build your confidence and manage exam jitters with 15+ hours of content!