Live Study Groups

to supercharge your exam prep

Get hands-on help and extra accountability in a 5-week session— plus, a passing guarantee!

Failure is not in your future.

You’ve worked so hard — don’t let studying challenges get in your way. Get the accountability you need to pass with ease.

The benefits of going live:


Attend biweekly Zoom sessions with Sarah Michelle & her team! Plus, join the Slack for daily practice questions and discussion.


Get a week-by-week study plan with homework — and full access to the Comprehensive Review Package for the entire session.


You’ll have daily interactions with your study buddies for 5 weeks— you’ll all be in the same boat!

What Participants are Saying:

Are live study sessions for you?

Are you…

Overwhelmed by the amount of material you need to study?

Juggling studying and school, a job, kids, or other responsibilities?

Craving more structure as you prepare for your nurse practitioner exam?

In need of a little extra accountability to keep you focused?

Wishing for a little company along your exam-prep journey?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then my answer is YES, too — my live study sessions are for you.

Three steps to certification success

Step 1: Pick your session

Each session runs for five weeks — enough time to complete the comprehensive prep you need to pass your boards with confidence.

Step 2: Stay accountable

Follow our study plan and connect LIVE with your study group in two 4-hour sessions.
We’ll also have daily communications on our private Slack channel.

Step 3: Go forth and conquer!

You’re going to pass that test. (In fact, I guarantee it.)
You’re officially a certified nurse practitioner and ready to take the next steps in your career.

A passing guarantee?!

A passing guarantee?!

Yep — I’m so confident you will pass your ANCC and AANP boards, I’m offering you my word.

If you give your all to every component of these live study groups and you still don’t pass your exam, my team will have your back.

We’ll give you additional course access for a month, plus a meeting with my team to make a plan for success the second time around. (More details below!)

It’s okay to need a little more help!

Studying for your nurse practitioner exams takes a lot of focus — and you’re under a lot of pressure.

And trying to do all that prep solo just doesn’t work for a lot of people.

I feel your pain. And that’s why I’m introducing LIVE group study sessions. In need of a little extra accountability and assistance? I’ve got you.

During your five-week session, you’ll get…

  • 5 weeks of Comprehensive Review Package access (a $355 value)
  • Two 4-hour live sessions with Sarah Michelle and your peers
  • A day-by-day study calendar with a course video schedule to keep you on track
  • Daily interaction with Sarah Michelle and another board certified nurse practitioner in our private Slack channel

You can and will pass your nurse practitioner exam. I’ve helped thousands of people do it — people just like you. All you need are the right study tools and a little extra push of accountability.

Let’s do this together!